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We manage an online fund platform tailored to the needs of financial advisors worldwide. Moventum partners with more than 1,600 FAs. Financial Advisors can choose from a selection of 5,500 funds.

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We are Luxembourg based and registered, and are subject to the strict requirements of the Luxembourg financial regulators. Our clients are in some 30 jurisdictions, in around 140 countries worldwide.

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What makes us unique is our more than 15 years’ experience in servicing financial advisors as well as private and institutional investors, and our working to the highest market standards.

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Our wealth management solutions have a volatility-proof track record of investment results and represent different profit and risk profiles. Schemes are flexible, to meet individual needs and goals.

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We offer the technology, tools and resources needed to offer state of the art investment management and provide first-class investor service that is on a par with private banking.

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Relationships are key to us, we have been building them for years. Good relationships with our trusted business partners are Moventum's trademark. 

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Global reach

Our fund platform is managed in Luxembourg, an established and well regulated international financial centre. We serve clients in close to 140 countries, on all continents, and operate in more than 25 jurisdictions. In addition to our Luxembourg and Warsaw offices, we have branches in Frankfurt and Vienna, and a local contact office in Brno. Our staff is multilingual.




FAs worldwide


asset managers







5,500 funds

Moventum fund platform users can select the best package of investment products meeting their individual requirements from an offering of up to 5,500 funds. 

1,600 FAs

We partner with more than 1,600 financial advisors (FAs) who assist clients worldwide in achieving their investment goals.

450 asset managers

Investment funds available through our online fund platform represent the portfolios of over 450 national and international fund management companies.

140 countries

We distribute investment products in close to 140 countries, where we partner with a network of financial advisors, whom we trust.

30 jurisdictions

Moventum experts are familiar with the legislation of several dozen jurisdictions in Europe and the rest of the world. 

5 offices

We are based in the center of Europe, with main offices in Luxembourg and Warsaw, Poland. Moventum is represented in Frankfurt, Germany, Vienna, Austria and Brno, the Czech Republic.

Why Moventum?

Global reach
Luxembourg based

Unique market

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