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Asset management, funds, investment models

Moventum has been
successfully active with its own
asset management since 2003

Asset management.
Account models.


The perfect balance between craftsmanship and robust industrial processes

As a supplement to the services offered by financial services providers, the portfolio management products of Moventum include active asset management on a fund and ETF basis, Moventum’s own funds of funds and other investment models with different risk/opportunity profiles. As an asset manager specialising in investments in funds, Moventum assumes responsibility not only for management, but also for technical execution and rebalancing, and reallocation according to the specific product terms and conditions – based on sophisticated risk management and compliance processes.

Strengthen your future financial advisory and brokerage services offering

Why do financial advisors trust Moventum S.C.A.‘s wealth management products?

  • Our asset management solutions reduce your administrative and securities trading workload because they are largely automated and allow you  more time for advising clients. 


  • Low minimum investments of 5,000 euros in the asset management solutions and from 50 euros in the fund wrapper model as well as various opportunity-risk profiles,  make these products interesting for many investment  strategies.


  • Moventum Asset Management’s portfolio management investment process is supported in the fund selection process by the independent expertise of an external fund analysis company, FondsConsult Research GmbH
  • Investment risks are diversified through Moventum's asset management services. 


  • Moventum complies with important regulatory documentation obligations. 


  • Financial advisors gain access to investment know-how and market information. 
  • Investors and advisors benefit from sophisticated and digital services.


  • Moventum’s fund platform takes care of custody account management as well as reallocation and rebalancing,  in addition to the asset  management performed by our subsidiary Moventum Asset Management S.A. 


  • The products offer solutions for all advisory models.

Would you like to expand your business?

Opening a custody account to invest your clients in an asset management strategy or our fund of funds is straightforward and can be done digitally or in paper form. We shall be happy to send you all the documents you need and our team will be there to assist you if you need help. The use of the asset management products as well as the online investment platform and numerous other services are, of course, free of charge for financial advisors.

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