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Providing a secure haven for financial investments, wherever you may be.

A global platform for asset management designed for financial advisors catering to Expats

Do you serve clients who have relocated temporarily or permanently beyond their homeland's borders?

To ensure their securities portfolios and investments in fund-based asset management products continue to meet their needs regardless of geographical location, we are strategically positioned as an international solution for financial advisors.

Moventum is as a global provider of wealth management solutions, specifically crafted to cater to the unique needs of financial intermediaries operating in the expat market. Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses international investment options, multi-currency capabilities, regulatory compliance assistance, and technologically driven platforms designed for seamless portfolio management and reporting.

Expats, Global Nomads and Globetrotters...

...require secure, stable, and reliable securities and wealth management solutions.

At Moventum, we provide a global service custom-designed to fit the needs of financial advisors with an international clientele. Moventum manages custody accounts for over 40,000 customers spanning 124 countries. Our robust presence in Europe, along with our collaborative network of partners around the globe, allows us to extend our services to a wide-ranging client base.

Irrespective of your client's location, we work in partnership with you ...

... to construct a reliable financial future.

We are regulated by the Luxembourg financial market authority, and are members of the Luxembourg’s investor compensation scheme (Système d’indemnisation des investisseurs Luxembourg, SIIL), Banque de Luxembourg acts as the custodian for client deposits held by Moventum, BdL are a member of the Luxembourg deposit guarantee fund (Fonds de garantie des dépôts Luxembourg, FGDL) and belongs to a stable and strong group of companies with top international ratings.

Moventum operates within a robust framework ensuring transparency, security, and full compliance with
anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) protocols. 

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What sets Moventum apart?

At Moventum, we believe in fostering partnership and cooperation. We work closely with financial advisors,
empowering them to expand their business and enrich their service offerings.
Our personalized support and training modules enable our partners to fully harness the potential
of Moventum's technology and expertise.

Technology-Driven Platforms

Custody Services

Focus on Financial Intermediaries

International Reach and Collaboration

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Graham Morrall

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Danijela Skopljak

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