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Moventum for Institutional Clients

360° partnership in the securities business 

Value-adding cooperation

Solutions for institutional clients

Solutions for banks, insurance companies, family offices and pension funds

Institutional clients benefit from centralised securities services such as securities acquisition, settlement and custody and the web-based trading platform MoventumOffice, with its associated account and custody account management for individual or omnibus accounts.
The global investment universe, digitally supported asset management services and innovative commission management and reporting services round off the offer.

By focusing on B2B2C and B2B business models, Moventum remains independent and free from conflicts of interest.

Settlement and custody account management

Settlement and custody account management is available for individual and omnibus accounts. The respective bank remains the point of contact for custody account holders, while Moventum takes over the more costly and resource-intensive aspects of the settlement chain — from account opening to trading and reporting.

Clients trust in the advisors' brand as well as in their skills,  so Moventum will take care of the regulatory, operational and technological aspects in the background, but reports and forms sent to clients will still bear the desired, trusted corporate branding.

Institutional securities procurement

With its special services for institutional clients, Moventum offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for central securities management, settlement and custody, particularly with regard to funds. These services also include a wide range of ETFs at attractive conditions, some even free of charge. Securities orders can be submitted via the online trading platform MoventumOffice as well as via API interfaces or SWIFT.

Commission management and settlement

Moventum handles the negotiation and collection of commissions on behalf of fund companies and also invoices fees charged to the end client account with a subsequent credit note on commission accounts set up specifically for the institutional client. Commission flows can be automatically returned to different parties using override rules (and it is also possible to refund stock commissions to the end client).

A detailed reporting system including MiFID-compliant end client reports completes the range of services on offer.

Digitally supported asset management solutions

The international investment market is seeing increased pressure on financial intermediaries to delegate portfolio management tasks to specialised asset managers. We can create model portfolios for asset managers on our platform that are tailored to the needs of their clients. Moventum handles the technical execution of major orders and rebalancing in line with the conditions defined by the asset manager, based on sophisticated risk management and compliance processes.


Moventum also offers the option of standardised and individual fund asset management as an add-on to the services offered to institutional clients. Moventum has been providing a dependable service for over 20 years thanks to its reliable and high-quality processes. Moventum provides tailor-made solutions with different risk/opportunity profiles. Competent investment decisions with a global focus ensure the development of excellent asset management products.

White label solutions

Many services are available as white-label solutions and can be adapted to the financial institution’s appearance. 

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in an individual preview.