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Systems and applications for financial advisors

Reliable digital tools.

To keep the spotlight on your client.

Our tools help financial advisors to improve

their working life in the long term. 

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Our applications – secure, high quality & tailor-made

Moventum satisfies all security standards set for the financial sector. Our tools work reliably and meet all regulatory requirements. We support our clients with our applications in both day-to-day business andthe expansion of their business activities. We constantly adapt them to the respective operational and strategic business requirements of our clients.

Our solutions for financial advisors and their clients


The system for efficient and effective financial advisor processes

MoventumOffice is a web-based management and investment platform for financial professionals. With just a few clicks, they can open custody accounts for their clients, place orders and access analytic, reporting and support tools to help them with day-to-day client management. Transactions are processed securely and transparently using highly automated processes.

The digital securities trading platform provides access to more than 10,000 funds, ETFs and other securities as well as asset management solutions.

*depending on the country of origin/distribution authorisation


online account overview for Moventum custody account holders


  • Secure online account access
  • Interactive, easy-to-use operation 
  • Single online access to a complete overview of investments and cash
  • All account data at a glance
  • One statement for all investments
  • Multilingual support 
  • One account number for all transfers
  • Electronic mailbox for all documents
  • Annual custody account statement

Systems and applications for investment companies/institutional investors


proprietary transfer agency system


  • LOAD (surcharge)

    • FEL (issue surcharge), BEL (redemption surcharge)
    • Defined classes: Dealer, Product, Transaction and Account Level

  • OGC
    • Commission
    • Trailer fee
    • CDSC
  •  Taxes
    • EUSD, WHT
    • National taxes
    • FIFO, LIFO
    • Taxation principle
  • Multicurrency
    • Foreign currency accounts in USD, CHF, etc., transaction level
    • Different currencies, bill of exchange tables
  • ROA
    • Account level
    • Cost or market value possible
  • Others
    • Regular savings plans
    • Interfaces
    • KYC (know-your-client) / verification of legitimacy / prevention of money laundering
    • Blocks


Front-end system for investment companies/institutional investors


  • Over 15,000 users (30 sales companies)
  • Online Tool
  • Access limited to dedicated IP address
  • Create your own account
  • Support of all product groups (RSP, pensions, etc.)
  • Link to investor information (KIID)
    • Personal data
    • Contact details
    • Transactions
  • Orders
    • Data changes
    • Block
    • Inherited orders
  • Trades / order placements
    • Subscriptions
    • Redemption
    • Switch
    • Transfer

Fund AML 

Anti-money laundering and compliance


  • Real-time, automated or manual processing, effective blacklist scrubbing, fraud detection and account behaviour analysis
  • Web-based interface enables white labelling with a multi-level security concept (access for auditor’s Compliance Officer)
  • An ISAE 3402 audit is performed by KPMG, including operations and technology
  • Quarterly risk control and internal audit
  • Blacklists:
    • World-Check – commercial list with approximately 700,000 units (sub-lists include: UN List, OFAC, SDN, EU, BoE, PEPs, Corporate Black List)
    • Bank of England list
    • EU list (consolidated list of persons, groups and economic entities, pursuant to EU financial sanctions)
    • FINCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network)
  • Market timing
  • Frequent trading operations
  • Personalised reporting (XLS, CSV, PDF)
  • Connection to transfer agency platform or trader platforms

Turbine Asset Manager

All-round system for automation around the processes of investment companies


  • Designed to automate processes within the investment management organisation, increasing efficiency while simplifying work steps.
  • The Portfolio Management Module enables the automation of
    • Portfolio Management
    • Order Management
    • Post-transaction processes
  • The Portfolio Analytics Module is an advanced analytics-as-a-service solution that simplifies numerous steps:
    • Automation of market risk monitoring and calculation
    • Portfolio analytics
    • Monitoring of investment limits
    • Internal and regulatory reporting

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Privacy run

System for a secure handling of data in the company


  • Collect and manage data in compliance with the GDPR
  • Avoid risk of legal violations unerringly
  • Data owners have the ability to request deletion of their personal data and initiate changes
  • Checks the validity date of the data in accordance with the parameterisation of the retention rules and – if the appropriate conditions exist – automatically activates the process of oblivion
  • Supports the data protection officer in his or her work

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Complementary services

Our partner company ProService Finteco is a provider of numerous managed services.

These include comprehensive services for financial institutions in the area of investment funds. They range from tracking regulatory and technological trends to adapting IT processes and solutions, managing the necessary system infrastructure and providing modern customer service with full support through digital services.


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