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Fund services

The diverse aspects

of the entire fund life cycleare

in good hands with us.

Tailored to your specific needs. 

Our tools

We offer asset managers comprehensive administration, accounting and transfer agency services.

Registration and Transfer Agent

  • Register management with AML and KYC checks, extensive support for KIID/PRIIPS, AML/KYC, FATCA, CRS 
  • Issue, redemption and exchange of fund shares 
  • All types of funds, including Open Investment Funds, Closed Investment Funds, Alternative Investment Funds, Specialist Open Investment Funds

Fund accounting

  • Fund price determination 
  • Preparation of annual accounts and interim reports   
  • Comprehensive fund reports

Business management

  • Support in establishing corporations
  • Domiciliation service and execution of all administrative and operational processes

IT solutions

  • Web-based fund solutions for distribution partners (B2B) and private individuals (B2C)
  • Customised applications to support TFI in the areas of asset valuation, asset management, AML handling and data warehousing



in-house developed transfer agency system


  • LOAD (surcharge)

    • FEL (issue surcharge), BEL (redemption surcharge)
    • Defined classes: Dealer, Product, Transaction and Account Level

  • OGC
    • Commission
    • Trailer fee
    • CDSC
  •  Taxes
    • EUSD, WHT
    • National taxes
    • FIFO, LIFO
    • Taxation principle
  • Multicurrency
    • Foreign currency accounts in USD, CHF, etc., transaction level
    • Different currencies, bill of exchange tables
  • ROA
    • Account level
    • Cost or market value possible
  • Others
    • Regular savings plans
    • Interfaces
    • KYC (know-your-client) / verification of legitimacy / prevention of money laundering
    • Blocks


Front-end system for investment companies/institutional investors


  • Over 15,000 users (30 sales companies)
  • Online Tool
  • Access limited to dedicated IP address
  • Create your own account
  • Support of all product groups (RSP, pensions, etc.)
  • Link to investor information (KIID)
    • Personal data
    • Contact details
    • Transactions
  • Orders
    • Data changes
    • Block
    • Inherited orders
  • Trades / order placements
    • Subscriptions
    • Redemption
    • Switch
    • Transfer

Fund AML 

Anti-money laundering and compliance


  • Real-time, automated or manual processing, effective blacklist scrubbing, fraud detection and account behaviour analysis
  • Web-based interface enables white labelling with a multi-level security concept (access for auditor’s Compliance Officer)
  • An ISAE 3402 audit is performed by KPMG, including operations and technology
  • Quarterly risk control and internal audit
  • Blacklists:
    • World-Check – commercial list with approximately 700,000 units (sub-lists include: UN List, OFAC, SDN, EU, BoE, PEPs, Corporate Black List)
    • Bank of England list
    • EU list (consolidated list of persons, groups and economic entities, pursuant to EU financial sanctions)
    • FINCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network)
  • Market timing
  • Frequent trading operations
  • Personalised reporting (XLS, CSV, PDF)
  • Connection to transfer agency platform or trader platforms

Partner Products by ProService Finteco


Flexible cloud platform that supports all of the insurer's business processes


  • Flexiblocks modules enable effective processes around the entire lifecycle of insurance products
    • Preparation (charging) by providers of different partners
    • Presentation of an offer
    • Acceptance of an application or contract (including the issuing of documents)
  • Customer service, insurance, customer service in the CRM module and payment service included in the solution
  • Easy integration with partner and banking systems, including leasing and insurance companies
  • Business process modelling possible on the basis of the built-in WorkFlow module

Visit our partner's website for more information:  

KID PRIIPs Service

KID PRIIPs service to produce full reports and/or calculate quantitative indicators.


  • Depending on the needs of the investment company, three different service models are available
    • complete outsourcing of KID generation
    • standard service - automatic generation of KID documents based on descriptive content provided by the client
    • calculation support - "calculation Engine for KID" service

Further details on the product can be found here (partner product)
isit our partner's website for more information:

Are you interested in Transfer Agent solutions?

Our partner ProService Finteco has the right solutions for you.