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Wealth management


Moventum offers a selection of high-quality asset management solutions, which have an outstanding track-record of investment results. Through MoventumPlus Active, private investors may choose from six ready-made investment portfolios with different profit and risk profiles. Moventum Private Wealth Portfolio addresses the dilemma of fluctuations in capital markets and uses active risk control strategy. It has been designed to satisfy individual needs of investors who have an investment horizon of minimum five years. 

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MoventumPlus Active — advantages at a glance

  • Professional management of assets from €10,000

  • Investment process managed by expert teams

  • Detailed quarterly information on your assets and individual positions

  • Switch to another portfolio, if required

  • Payments, savings plans and payout plans available at any time

  • Annual income statement with all relevant data

Moventum Plus Active Fund of Funds
— Professional asset management in a fund of funds shell

Choose from five investment portfolios with different risk and return profiles. The underlying investment process is led by international analysts and research specialists - and can easily compete with the best investment houses in the world.

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