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Moventum Asset Management S.A.

Moventum Asset Management S.A.

Moventum Asset Management S.A.(Moventum AM) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Moventum S.C.A.. Since 2019 Moventum AM manages Moventum's own funds of funds and individual mandates as part of its asset management portfolios.

Our Fund Overview

Fund Prices

Moventum Plus Active Fund of Funds

High Quality Investment Approach

Clearly structured , successful investment process without «soft» factors,
and without single-person risk due to an established team approach.


Quarterly adjustment of the portfolio structure to current market conditions
based upon the expertise of independent investment committees and Moventum Research.

Funds Selection Process

Product- and vendor-neutral, fund selection process for the allocation of funds
via the use of the external fund analysis company FondsConsult Research AG, Munich.


Automatic, quarterly rebalancing of the Moventum Fund of funds portfolio
to match the originial risk-reward profile of the portfolio.

Great flexibility

You have the choice between 5 different Moventum fund of funds strategies depending
on your risk-reward profile, your investment horizon and your investment goals.

Flexible investment volume from 50 EUR

(one-time investment and / or savings plan) High transparency of your investment.

Moventum AccountView

Via online account query, details of the current situation
and performance of your investment are always available.

Fund information

Plus Active SICAV

Moventum Plus Active Fund of Funds