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The long road to perfect AI

Artificial intelligence is increasingly penetrating all areas of life and the economy. However, not everything labelled as AI actually contains AI. On closer inspection, some applications are just well-programmed apps with powerful servers in the background. “AI is currently often used as a marketing statement,” says Michael Patzelt, Head of Sales DACH at Moventum. “But realistically, many applications are still not very intelligent, imperfect, or simply overrated.” True AI will only develop and prevail in the coming years.

Artificial intelligence has been stimulating stock market speculation, especially on the US market, for months. AI stocks like Microsoft, Nvidia, or Google are driving Wall Street upwards. “The new technology justifies the greatest hopes – currently, however, its field of application is still limited,” explains Patzelt. In imaging processes and partly in programming, AI is already providing support. It is primarily used in areas such as controlling, marketing, and chatbots – sometimes composing entire texts or providing detailed responses. Journalists also use it; mainstream media occasionally publish articles completely written by artificial intelligence and subsequently only reviewed. Other areas, such as corporate decision-making in the banking sector, have not yet been supported by AI. “This is certainly also due to the fact that consumers are still sceptical about AI,” says Patzelt.

The big question now is: How will AI continue to develop, how intelligent is artificial intelligence, and how intelligent can it become? “In the platform or banking sector, where we operate, AI could significantly support or optimize processes, such as in app reprogramming or technical development work,” says Patzelt. This could become a reality soon, as some companies are probably already using the technology on a limited basis. However, AI results are almost always reviewed afterward. “No one relies entirely on it,” says Patzelt.

Yet, the technology is quickly learning. AI is partially used as a tool in planning, benchmarking, reporting, and analysis, and it can also help, for example, in planning a trade fair stand. And some companies already accept AI-generated applications. “However, it will still take years before we can trust AI enough to hand over entire processes to it,” says Patzelt.

How long this will take is currently impossible to answer seriously. “Tesla founder Elon Musk mentioned a few weeks ago in an article that artificial intelligence could surpass human intelligence in no more than two years,” says Patzelt. “Whether it happens that quickly and how intelligent AI will really be, however, remains to be seen.” After all, it’s not just about what AI is capable of, but also whether its capabilities are accepted. “There are personal and psychological sensitivities that AI currently does not fully address,” explains Patzelt.


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