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Moventum significantly expands commitment in the ETF segment

Luxembourg, 27 January 2020 – Exchange-traded index funds are ever increasingly in demand and have become an almost indispensable option when offering advice tailored to client needs. “Moventum is greatly expanding its ETF offering for advisors while at the same time passing on cost benefits”, stated Sabine Said, Executive Vice President of Moventum S.C.A.

“Starting in February, advisors will be able to choose from the full range of ETFs on the Moventum platform”, Sabine Said explained. “Different asset classes, regions, sectors, special topics or strategies can be mapped in this way”. The advantage of ETFs is their transparency and simplicity, as well as their generally lower costs. “Because ETF managers follow a given index as closely as possible, management fees are significantly lower”, added Said. For advisors, this means quick, inexpensive and uncomplicated access to many investment strategies, which can be used to implement customerspecific strategies.

“In addition to a large selection of ETFs from different providers and with different structures, we have created additional benefits for advisors”, Said continued. “As an example, our ‘ETFs Top 100’ programme offers preferential terms on one hundred ETFs from our partners Vanguard, Amundi, Franklin Templeton and iShares”. Savings plans are also available from as little as 50 euros per month, with transaction fees waived.

Apart from the ETF selection, Moventum also offers ready-made ETF portfolios with an asset management approach: the “MOVEeasy – inspired by Vanguard funds” strategies. These are available in four risk/reward profiles ranging from defensive to growth oriented. “The MOVEeasy strategies make it easy for advisors to offer their clients the benefits of ETFs without having to concern themselves about selecting and combining ETFs”, Said pointed out.

MOVEactive ETFs are taking Moventum’s approach one step further: actively managed asset management combines passive ETFs with active management in a professionally managed portfolio. Again, advisors can select from four risk/reward profiles for their clients. These are diversified via different ETF providers, are reviewed quarterly in terms of asset class weighting and are subject to rebalancing where necessary. Any rebalancing is performed by Moventum Asset Management S.A., which has a long and very successful track record, as is the selection of individual securities. Additionally, advisory clients receive detailed quarterly reporting.

“Just like the individual ETFs, the ETF combinations MOVEeasy and MOVEactive are also available via savings plans”, Said indicated. “Once again, clients benefit from preferential conditions without transaction fees”.

About Moventum:
As an independent financial service partner, Moventum S.C.A. is specifically addressing financial service providers such as financial advisors, asset managers, institutional investors and NGOs. Its services in asset management and asset building include a web-based securities investment platform focusing on funds, relieving financial advisors of administrative tasks, and integrating custody and account management for individual investors. Investment management tools, regulatory-compliant reporting and individual securities services are also part of the full-service range. Standardised fund asset management service with a sustainable, successful track record for the relevant risk/reward profiles complements the offering. The Moventum Group also enables institutional investors to outsource securities processing in its entirety. The MoventumOffice investment platform offers access to more than 9,000 investment products including funds and ETFs from more than 400 investment firms, including the use of analysis, reporting and support tools.

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