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Fee-based advisors on the rise

Luxembourg, 26 April 2022 – Persistently low interest rates, housing boom, corona pandemic, high inflation rates and equity valuations: Times remain challenging, not only for investors but also for investment brokers, with fee-based advisors becoming ever more common and their numbers growing rapidly. “We have expanded our range in line with the needs of advisors and their clients, offering actively managed investments”, said Swen Köster, Senior Vice President at Moventum S.C.A.

Fee-based investment brokers in accordance with Section 34h German Trade Regulation Act continue to be the exception in the brokerage business, particularly since this profession has only come into existence in 2014. Recently, however, their number has risen sharply, reaching a small but significant record high. The most recent statistics from the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce show that in the first three months of the year more advisors than ever before in a quarter were issued an investment brokerage licence.

As a partner to these professionals, Moventum offers a share class specifically for fee-based consulting, which exclusively allocates commission-free funds. “The broadened product range allows us to map specific requirements for different advisor clients”, Köster pointed out.

This gives commission-based brokers and fee-based advisors more opportunities to implement their individual advisory and pricing model. Moventum is able to manage the individually agreed service fee between client and advisor. “It does not make a difference to us whether a fixed fee is agreed, a volume-based fee or an hourly rate”, Köster stated, adding that advisors are free to design their own arrangement.

The Moventum portfolios, set up as asset management accounts and funds of funds give investors the opportunity to choose between sub-funds with contents ranging from “Defensive” to “Offensive”. Each portfolio serves different risk profiles and has been successfully used on the market for a long time. “The track record of close to 20 years speaks for itself”, Köster explained why Moventum had not launched any new products on the market, but instead has consistently developed the tried and tested. Successfully: “Demand for clean share classes has risen sharply”, Köster said.

Moventum’s diversified ETF solutions that are available in different forms are another offering for fee-based advisors: While MoveActive provides for active management of ETF strategies by Moventum AM, MoveEasy has an allocation that is determined once at launch. Depending on their risk propensity, investors may select between four risk-reward profiles for each variants: The range extends from “Defensive” with a split of some 60 per cent bonds and 40 per cent equities to “Growth”, where investments are made exclusively in equities.

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