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Czech National Bank grants Moventum a.s. a securities licence

Luxembourg, 11.06.2019 - Moventum Group continues to grow in the Czech Republic. Moventum a.s. has been granted a securities licence by the Czech National Bank, a significant and necessary step for any investment firm wanting to support financial intermediaries in their daily work. With Andreas Pál as its newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, Moventum a.s. plans to develop relationships further with Czech financial intermediaries and expand our position in the market.


Currently, there are more than 7,000 financial intermediaries in the Czech Republic. Based on the high level of interest expressed by Czech financial intermediaries, Moventum a.s. firmly believes that the expansion of its network will have a positive impact. “The macroeconomic conditions in the Czech Republic are very good and sustained economic growth is expected. Private investors are increasingly asking investment funds to build up their assets. Due to low interest rates, savers are looking for attractive alternatives to bank deposits with their financial advisors. Moventum Group’s services and the fund and asset management services that are now available to investors in the Czech Republic through financial intermediaries are in response to the ever growing demand from investors. In recent years, we have greatly appreciated the positive and solution-oriented mindset of the Czechs and are now looking forward to cementing our relationships,” said Andreas Pál, Vice President Sales of Moventum S.C.A. and CEO of Moventum a.s.


About Moventum

In addition to the Czech Republic, the independent Moventum Group is has offices in Poland, Luxembourg, Germany and Austria, from where it provides clients worldwide withspecialised investment fund services. Specifically, Moventum’s offering tofinancial intermediaries, institutional investors and NGOs is a web-based, user-friendly fund platform called MoventumOffice which focusses on investment funds as well as fund-specific asset management and proposes a wide range of services related to supporting fund-oriented customers.

The fund platform enables financial intermediaries and institutional investors to access more than 7,000 funds from more than 380 investment companies, a range of analysis and reporting options, and support tools. Through Moventum AccountView, investors whose assets are managed by financial intermediaries receive direct online access to a complete overview of transactions, securities and cash holdings as well as an electronic mailbox.

The Moventum Group also provides institutional investors with the option to outsource completely their securities settlement in order to increase the scalability, stability and safety of their back office area.. Many services are available as a white-label solution and can be adapted to the match the individual advisor’s branding.



Further information:


Andreas Pál, CEO

Moventum a.s. 
Holandská 878/2 
639 00 Brno, Czech Republic 
Tel.: +420 (0) 537 022 167

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