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Clients and advisors are keeping a cool head

Luxembourg, 04 March 2022 – The Ukraine conflict is causing stock markets to tumble. Nevertheless, advisors and their clients are behaving very prudently. “So far we are not seeing any unusual accumulation of orders in trading”, said Andreas Pál, Senior Vice President & Head of Sales at Moventum S.C.A. And there are more buying than selling transactions. “Instead of panicking, investors are using the period of weakness to make purchases”, added Carsten Gerlinger, Managing Director and Head of Asset Management at Moventum AM. “An approach that has proven to be the right one time and again in the past.”

Despite a fiercely raging war in Europe, there are currently no unusual movements and no increased trading activity observed on the Moventum platform. “We are also learning from the intermediary community that people at the moment are either advised to wait or to make additional purchases at the lower prices”, Pál pointed out.

Shifts from higher-risk equity funds to lower-risk bond funds are not being observed either. “At Moventum, we deal almost exclusively with portfolios where clients are advised rather than make decisions themselves. So therefore, we don’t see a big movement here”, Pál mentioned. In general, advised clients act with less hectic on average and therefore achieve better results in the long term.

“Unlike in previous crises, when markets suffered significant losses, investors are reacting much more prudently this time”, said Gerlinger. “This was already noticeable in February/March 2020 when the pandemic broke out.” Instead of panicking, clients use such phases to make additional purchases – which in retrospect has proven to be the right thing to do.

Short-term trends are not bought by advisors or clients either. “Obviously, there are some investors in the market who are now driving up the prices of defence companies with heavy buying”, Gerlinger remarked. “The short-term impact on energy prices or on agricultural products is not being exhibited at the moment either.” Long-term trends such as increased investment in ESG products or sustainable funds are continuing, as is demand for low-cost ETFs.

Clients and advisors seem to want to keep a strategy that has been assessed and established as successful in the long term. “For investors, the Ukraine conflict does not seem to be the turning point that politics is currently describing”, Pál concluded.

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